Jon Taffer’s Secrets to “Bar Rescue” Success


Jon Taffer’s Secrets to “Bar Rescue” Success

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Jon Taffer
Jon Taffer

Jon Taffer, the charismatic host of “Bar Rescue,” has captivated audiences for nine seasons with his no-nonsense approach to saving struggling bars. In an exclusive interview, Taffer shared the secrets behind the show’s success and some of his most memorable experiences.

Authenticity and Learning Together

Taffer believes that the show’s authenticity is key to its success. He knows nothing about the business and its owners before filming begins, which allows him to learn alongside the audience. This approach creates a sense of realism, as Taffer is not ahead of the viewers, and he never tries to fool them.

Biggest Successes

Taffer is proud of the show’s accomplishments, including saving countless businesses. One of his greatest success stories is Spirits on Bourbon in New Orleans, which saw a revenue increase of $2-3 million per year for 10 years after his intervention. The owners eventually sold the business for millions of dollars. Another notable success is Moon Runners in North Carolina, where Taffer not only fixed the business but also improved the family dynamics, leading to the opening of two new locations.

Initial Pitch and Rejection

Taffer’s initial pitch for the show was rejected by a network, citing that he was too old and not good-looking enough. However, he didn’t let that stop him. He shot his own sizzle reel, sent it to four production companies, and received four offers. Less than a year later, he shot a pilot for “Bar Rescue,” which gained momentum despite initial doubts.

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Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

Each episode of “Bar Rescue” involves a strict schedule, with Taffer on property for just four days. Day one includes getting briefed on the property, meeting the staff and owners, and doing recon. Day two involves the stress test, training, and staff meetings, which are shown on television. Behind the scenes, the crew works on the design of the renovation, often using clever editing to make it seem like everything is done in 24 hours.

Keeping It Real

To keep the show authentic, Taffer’s arrival is kept a surprise. The cameras are installed a day and a half before he arrives, and the staff is told that he might be visiting another bar. This approach helps to capture the staff’s natural behavior, which would be lost if they knew Taffer was coming.

Signs of Success

Taffer can sense when a property will thrive or fail after he leaves. He looks for changes in the staff’s posture, confidence, and facial expressions. If they have “bounce in their walk” and motivation, he knows they will succeed. Conversely, if they lack energy and motivation, they are likely to fail.

The Payoff

Taffer admits that there have been times when he’s lost his cool while filming, but most of his heated exchanges are driven by his passion to change someone’s life for the better. The hugs and heartfelt words he receives from the business owners and staff at the end of each episode make all the hard work worth it.The 250th episode of “Bar Rescue” airs on June 30 on Paramount Network, marking a significant milestone in the show’s history.

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