LARQ bottle Net Worth, Founder Justin Wang Wiki, Career


LARQ bottle Net Worth, Founder Justin Wang Wiki, Career

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larq bottle net worth
larq bottle net worth

LARQ is a company renowned for its innovative self-cleaning water bottles that use UV-C LED technology to purify water and clean the bottle’s interior. This eco-friendly brand has gained popularity for its commitment to sustainability and health. This article delves into the net worth of LARQ, exploring its journey from inception to its current financial standing.

Early Life and Education of Justin Wang

Early Life and Education of Justin Wang

Justin Wang, the co-founder and CEO of LARQ, has a background in business and entrepreneurship. Before launching LARQ, Wang worked in various capacities in the tech and consumer goods industries. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he developed a strong foundation in business management and innovation.

Career Beginnings

Before LARQ, Justin Wang worked at companies like Goldman Sachs and H. Partners, gaining valuable experience in investment and operations. His passion for solving real-world problems led him to co-found LARQ in 2017, with the goal of addressing global water quality issues and reducing plastic waste.

LARQ Bottle Major Achievements

LARQ Bottle Major Achievements

LARQ has achieved several milestones since its founding:

  • Innovative Technology: LARQ bottles use advanced UV-C LED technology to eliminate up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from water, offering a self-cleaning feature that sets them apart from traditional water bottles.
  • Eco-Friendly Focus: By providing a reusable, self-cleaning water bottle, LARQ aims to reduce the reliance on single-use plastic bottles, contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Market Growth: LARQ has seen rapid market adoption, with its products available in numerous retail outlets and online platforms worldwide.
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Personal Life of Justin Wang

Justin Wang is a private individual, and details about his personal life are limited. He is known for his dedication to environmental causes and innovation in product design. Outside of his professional endeavors, Wang is passionate about promoting sustainability and health.

LARQ Bottle Net Worth

LARQ Bottle Net Worth

As of 2023, the LARQ company’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 million. This valuation is based on:

  • Product Sales: LARQ bottles have been popular among consumers, leading to strong sales figures and revenue growth.
  • Investment and Funding: LARQ has attracted significant investment from venture capital firms and angel investors, boosting its market valuation.
  • Brand Value: The LARQ brand is highly regarded for its innovative approach to water purification and its commitment to sustainability.

Later Years and Legacy

LARQ continues to expand its product line and market presence, with plans to introduce new innovations in water purification and sustainable living. The brand’s legacy is rooted in its mission to provide clean water while reducing plastic waste, positioning it as a leader in eco-friendly consumer products.

Trivia and Lesser-Known Facts

  • Crowdfunding Success: LARQ’s initial funding was secured through a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $1.7 million.
  • Awards and Recognition: LARQ has received several awards for its design and innovation, including the Red Dot Design Award.
  • Battery Life: The LARQ Bottle can purify water with a single charge for up to a month, demonstrating its efficiency and convenience.


Q: How much is the LARQ company worth?
A: As of 2023, the LARQ company’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 million.

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Q: Who founded LARQ?
A: LARQ was co-founded by Justin Wang.

Q: What technology does the LARQ bottle use?
A: The LARQ bottle uses UV-C LED technology to purify water and clean the bottle’s interior.


LARQ, under the leadership of Justin Wang, has made a significant impact on the market with its innovative self-cleaning water bottles. The company’s commitment to sustainability and health has resonated with consumers, driving its growth and financial success. As LARQ continues to innovate and expand, it stands as a testament to the potential of eco-friendly technology in improving everyday life.